Video of Teen Topanga getting messy. Topanga shows off her pert tits.
Posted By Admin on 10/26/18

Figuring out what is all about is a little tricky. It looks like it was meant to be an ex-girlfriend site with user-submitted content, but ended up growing bigger than that. There are girls in the collection that I recognize as porn starlets, and the quality is just too good to be homemade. In fact, the quality is pretty awesome.

Since the site can’t really get away with pretending to be real life sex tapes anymore, it seems like now they are doing a lot of fantasy themes. Guys get to fuck the girls they know, just like you wish you could. A lot of scenes are also couples roleplaying fantasies.

The most important thing to know when you go into this site is that there is a lot of porn and you are going to get hard and get off thanks to it. Beyond that, how much does the “realness” really matter?

I Know That Girl is part of the Mofos Network, so when you sign up, you end up with a pass that unlocks everything. 3,000+ videos, 2,000+ girls, unlimited HD streaming, multiple weekly updates, and a whole lot more is all included as part of the package when you snag this IKnowThatGirl discount for up to 67% off!


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Posted By Admin on 10/07/18

Some might call me a cheapskate when it comes to premium porn. That’s only because they don’t know just how much you can save by looking at discount porn sites. It is all fine and dandy to pay full price when you have no other choice, but when you can save some serious coin why the hell wouldn’t you?

Out of the deals that are listed you can easily save up to 66% off the regular join price. To me that just means that I have more money to spend on other things and that sure does make me feel good.

I have had some people tell me that they don’t use these discounts because they’re worried you don’t get access to everything. Trust me, that’s just not true and I can say from personal experience that you do. Take a look for yourself and I bet that you’ll be converted in no time at all.

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Posted By Admin on 10/04/18

I remember the first time I saw MetArt many years ago just how blown away I was by the sheer beauty of the models they had on the site. At that time I was of similar age as the models, perhaps a year or three older on average and my mind was completely blown.

They have only grown since then and gotten even better. It is hard to believe sometimes that it is even possible to put such a collection together, so many 9+/10 girls willing to take their clothes of in front of the camera to be shown to the entire world.

It just goes to show again that girls on average are a lot less prude than we think or at least than what they lead us to believe. It’s hard to blame them for it on account of how judgemental we are, especially other women.

You may want to take a look at this discount for up to 80% off which is 67% off the regular price for a 1-month membership cutting the price right down to less than 10 bucks.

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